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Taylor Nicole Professionals - Expert Employer Staffing Services in Anaheim



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"Taylor Nicole Professionals has provided us with administrative and clerical staffing for the front office, forklift operators for warehouse operations, and computer technicians for our field computer tech support requirements. Anna and her team have been vital to our Growth over these twenty-plus years."

- Ron.

"Our company has conducted business with Anna Sangiorgio of TNP (Taylor Nicole Professionals) for over 25 years. In the competitive field of temporary agencies, we have found TNP to be at the top due to their honesty, loyalty, and commitment to making our business succeed. Anna and her staff are always willing to bend backward to fulfill our needs – even at a moment's notice. After using Anna's services, we have never looked back, thus the longevity and dedication. We look forward to many more years of working with her!"

- Debbie.

"I have worked with Anna Sangiorgio at Taylor Nicole Professional Staffing Firm for the past five years. Anna is excellent at finding difficult-to-fill positions—for example, technical support staff with specialized skill sets. And has been instrumental in filling assembler and warehouse positions."

- Martha.

"We have been conducting business with Anna Sangiorgio for the last 12 years in several temerity employee positions. During this time, we have grown to value Anna's unique form of management and style to service our account. Anna has become a vendor representative that we can call and know the job will get done. The caliber of employees we receive is of high quality, and we have been able to team with her to develop a process for pre-screening prospects to expedite the hiring process. We respect and value her relationship, and in this time of customer service upheaval, Anna is a breath of fresh air to how customers should be treated."

- Jay M.

"We have been working with Anna and her staff for a minimum of seven years. We have stood behind Anna and her staff through every agency she has worked with because of the extreme personal attention she and her staff give us. Our business is very unpredictable when it comes to temporary help; we go for 0-40 temps at a time. When times are good, we have not had a problem with getting people, and we fluctuate heavily. Anna always tries her best to keep the same people coming back time after time. This helps us greatly; it saves time explaining rules and safety procedures. The temps themselves also get some steady experience in the work that we do; We have temps that are as valuable to us as our full-time employees. We feel that because of this reason, that is why we have never had any work-related accidents or injuries with a temporary employee. We value the service that Anna has given to us, and we intend to follow her where ever she may go."

- Jill P.

"We currently have four people employed with our company through the agency with Anna. These people have been under my direct supervision for two years. Due to the effective screening of the employees by Taylor Nicole and the staff, there has been no turnover with the temporary help we have employed through the agency. We also often employ very brief day labor in addition to the long-term employees and have had a very positive experience."

- David K.

"We have been working with Taylor Nicole for almost three years, and I cannot say enough good things about their service. Taylor Nicole furnishes workers primarily for our bindery department. Because of the nature of the work, the number of workers we need daily changes. It sometimes changes by the hour! Taylor Nicole always meets our ever-changing needs in a prompt, reliable way. Anna Sangiorgio handles our account. Unlike any other account rep we've ever worked with, she is always available to us and comes through for us when we get into a pinch. She is very pleasant and finds us the best possible workers, many of whom we've hired as full-time workers. We value our relationship with Taylor Nicole and consider them a very important business partner."

- Stephanie M.

Taylor Nicole Professionals provide staffing services to clients across Anaheim, Los Angeles, Irvine, Long Beach, Carson, and Compton. Also servicing other areas in Orange County, Los Angeles County & Inland Empire